The Basque Pig is easily recognized with its black head and bottom, and its big ears!

The Basque Pig (in French "Porc Basque", or " Pie Noir du Pays Basque", or "Euskal Xerria" in Basque) is one of the 6 local breeds of pigs in France. It was originally a breed from the western part of the Pyrenees, the french side as well as the spanish side. Like the other local breeds, the Basque Pig almost disappeared. Thanks to the ITP, the INRA and some farmers of the Basque Country convinced by the need to keep this breed, a program of conservation started.

This program worked well: the number of sows and boars was multiplicated by ten in 20 years time, and now, there is a production of high quality meat products made with this breed. The Basque Pig helps some 80 farmers to live on their farm.

This website was made by the association called " Filière Porc Basque", grouping farmers and people who elaborate products, all having the same aims :

  • follow the genetic resources conservation program for the Basque Pig
  • follow the technical results of the farms
  • promote the breed and its products
  • get an AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) for the products made of Basque Pig
  • maintain the farms in the Basque Country by the way of diversification

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Mail: porcbasque@wanadoo.fr

This project is helped by the European Community through the LEADER+ program.

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